Giving Support

We are here to help! If you have any issues with your online giving, please use this page as a resource to help. If you have any further issues, you can email us at

Click the button below based on your preferred method of giving.

Mobile Giving

Step One

Once you have downloaded the Church Center app and logged in with your cell phone number or email address, simply open the app and click “Give” at the bottom center.

Type in any amount you wish to donate and click “Next”.

*Tip: Press “My Giving” to view giving settings where you can see your donation history, edit your recurring giving, add/remove payment methods and view/download giving statements.

Step Two
Step Two
  1. Select the Fund you wish to donate toward
    • Tithe
    • Offering
    • End Of Year
    • Building 
    • Next Generation (all Kids, Students & Young Adults)
    • Light Your World
    • Global Missions
    • Local Missions
  2. Select the Frequency you wish to give this gift
  3. Select the payment method
    • Apply Pay
    • Debit/Credit
    • ACH (lowest fees)
  4. Select whether you wish to cover the processing fees
  5. Click “Give Now” when ready

Web Browser Giving

Step One
Step One

Visit this link:

You may have to log in with your phone number or email address. These are unique to your account.

  1. Enter the amount you wish to donate
  2. Select the Fund you wish to donate toward
  3. Add an additional donation to another fund is needed.
  4. Select the frequency (One Time or Regularly/Recurring).
  5. The “My Giving” button takes to you your giving settings.
  6. Your saved payment methods are listed here.
  7. Add a new payment method if needed.

Your Giving Dashboard

Through the online giving dashboard, you can view your donation history, manage recurring donations, payment methods, Text To Give and download giving statements.

*Please note that any donations made in 2023 through EasyTithe will not be reflected on your giving history until they are transferred on January 1, 2024.

Explanation Of Funds

We have several different areas of the church that you are able to donate toward. Below is a list of those funds and explanations of how those funds are directed.


This fund is used to new building projects, facility upkeep & future campus expansion.

End Of Year

Our Year-End Offering is dedicated to reaching more people with the gospel through the growth and expansion of our church.

Global Missions

This fund is used for all missions work outside the US. We support multiple worldwide organizations through these donations.

Light Your World

This fund is used for our Christmas Giveback Initiative called “Light Your World.” We provide the joy of Christmas to several families within our church that might not be able to afford Christmas. Click Here For More Information

Local Missions

This fund is used to support our missions work in our local community through our Food Pantry, Homeless Outreach and other service programs.

Next Generation

This fund is used to support our Kids, Students and Young Adult Ministries. 


Offering is your generosity beyond your tithing. This fund is used in all areas of the church.


This is our default fund that is used across all church ministries and church life.